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Mustache Pete Branding & Packaging (case study)


Mustache Pete is a clothing and accessory line founded in Brooklyn NY. Inspired by the biography of Meyer Lansky titled "Lansky", Mustache Pete was the name given to the members of the Sicilian Mafia who came to the United States in the early 1900's.

Being motivated by the positive essence of what a Mafia once represented - loyalty, trust, and power - Mustache Pete is once again a reality but on a whole new plane as it is now transformed into a clothing and accessory line,rekindling the spirit of Mustache Pete that still lives on.

Added to the meaning of Mustache Pete Clothing & Accessories are quality fabrics, designs, patterns, symbols, and quotes with artistic and ritual representations. Images that will evoke conversation and will be seen as "touchstones in an open conscious".

That was a very interesting project. Our task was to design a new brand identity from scratch, encapsulating all the qualities of a premium clothing brand.

The design process took almost 3 months. A lot of research was done and plenty of sketches were made. Research showed that all "Mustache" related brands were using the big, fat mustache mark. So, we had to find something distinctive.

Project Overview

  • Investigate and identify the brand
  • Design the brand identity of "Mustache Pete" and "Mustache Pete Accessories"
  • Urban-upscale style
  • Design packaging for MP bow ties
  • Design the "MP" Monogram
  • Premium
  • High perceived quality

The Objective
To design a premium urban-upscale clothing Brand and bow tie packaging.

Key Issues

  • Design the Brand signature
  • Uniqueness and dinstinctiveness
  • Designing packaging for MP bow ties

We benchmarked all "Mustache" logos in order to have a premium and dinstinctive brand identity.


During the research phase, we collected all "Mustache" brands (that use mustache on the brand mark or in the packaging) on the market for study and afterwards we began the sketching phase bearing the research results in mind.

Concepts from idea sketching to visualisation.

The final design was a result of countless sketches. A lot of different concepts were designed. The final cocncept was approved for further development.
The main creative element of the logo was a thin curly mustache forming the letter "M". That element was the "LINK" between the main Brand logo and the Accessory line emblem.

Mustache Pete brand identity.

Mustache Pete Accessories line identity                                                                                                                            "MP" Monogram and brand pattern


We investigated and designed the brand manual, the brand's look and feel.


We designed the packaging for bow ties and designed some t-shirts.









Creative Director Summary


That was a very interesting project. "To design a premium clothing brand". There were a lot of challenges but the outcomes were very effective.

Mustache Pete Brand Owner Comment


When I began putting ideas together for my clothing and accessory line, Andreas not only quoted great prices and innovative designs but his communication was top notch as wll. Overall, his professionalism surpassed all expectations and he's friendly and easy to work with. He shows consistent effort in our collaboration with identity and packaging. The designs he has created give an urban-upscale look which enables the line to tap into two market shares. I will continue to do business with Matadog Design and advise anyone interested in getting the best possible value for their money to do the same.

Chauncey Dozier
Mustache Pete Clothing & Accessories
Brooklyn, NY

We would love to help you build your own successful dinstinctive brand. All you have to do is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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