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Die Welt on the innovative packaging of Stafidenios designed by Matadog Design

Die Welt, in its latest issue on Sunday, reports on the new packaging trends saying that "Today, packaging should alone be an experience". A special reference is also made to the trail-blazing award-winning packaging of Stafidenios designed by Matadog Design.

"Simple gifts are now a thing of the past! Today packaging should alone be an experience. A review of the most significant trends. 

In terms of creativity, the Greek product Stafidenios claims a unique place, with its rectangular packaging of raisins which can be turned into a paper toy with a couple of movements! If all Greek enterprises functioned in this way, the rescue of the Euro would have been achieved a long time ago. "

WELT am SONNTAG 15/12/13

Raisins from the land they were born

Greek Raisins and Sultanas packaging design for Australian market.


Designing Experiences For Kids

It is widely known that experiences play an important role in children's development.

  • Are designers capable of designing experiences for kids? 
  • Can designers make parents happy through their purchases? 
  • Can designs be both fun and educational for kids?

Join Andreas Kioroglou, Founder of Matadog Design at World IA Day Greece (worldiaday.org/locations/hermoupolis-syros-greece/) on February 15th at the Apollon Theatre in Hermoupolis, Syros to learn how to design fun experiences for kids, purchasing experiences for parents and profit experiences for manufacturers.

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