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Matadog™ Design

What we do


We help start-up or established companies to shape or revitalize a brand by building brand awareness and by extending customer loyalty.

Brand Identity Design

A Brand identity design is not just a logo design. We can make your brand different and recognizable by taking discrete elements and fusing them into a complete system.


The shelf is the most competitive marketing interface so successful packaging design is crucial. We can design your packaging giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed.


We have hitherto created unique patented award-winning packaging for our clients and we intend to keep on blazing a trail in design packaging, offering the best of services coupled with the highest quality to help your company stand out.


Matadog Design is an award-winning branding and packaging design firm

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About Us

Matadog™ Design is a versatile, trail-blazing creative studio with experience in packaging and branding. Our work targets domestic and global markets as our  design firm cooperates with brands around the world. With award-winning strategic design we can help companies, from startup businesses to already firmly established firms, to build a successful brand or product image.

We specialize in packaging design, food packaging, label design, beverages packaging and any packaging requirement.

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